At the general assembly on March 22, 2024, Bioneers saw a change in leadership as per Kirsten Drejer’s request, who resigned from the board after many productive years in the role. “The period has been extremely eventful and transformative for Bioneer, which has evolved into a prominent and attractive professional provider of research-intensive preclinical services in Denmark, and fortunately also abroad,” says Kirsten Drejer, continuing, “Throughout the years, Bioneer has consistently demonstrated its value as a significant asset in the Danish biotech and pharma landscape. I am thrilled to have been a contributor on this journey alongside the other members, and especially pleased to have witnessed how Bioneers’ management and employees have risen to the tasks.”

Karin Garre has assumed the role of Bioneers’ new board chairperson. Karin Garre is a well-known figure in the Danish biotech scene and, following a series of leadership positions in various biotech and pharma companies as well as in healthcare, has dedicated herself to board work and management consulting. Karin Garre looks forward to tackling the challenges at Bioneer. “Together with the other board members and Bioneers’ management, I am excited to catalyze the continued development of Bioneer as an important societal asset, a competent and agile partner, which, with a wide range of preclinical research services, assists existing companies and promotes the development of new ones in Denmark. I am passionate about helping to transform companies so that they align optimally with challenges and tasks, thereby creating value for both the company and society – and ultimately for patients with new forms of therapy,” says Karin Garre.

“As a GTS company owned by the Technical University of Denmark, Bioneer is committed to developing and providing high-tech services – and to collaborating broadly with research institutions and companies,” says Karin. “I have a keen interest in public-private partnerships in the development of new treatments and drugs, and I look forward to contributing on that front as well,” Karin concludes.