Bioneer is looking forward to participating to the ISSCR 2021, the Global Stem Cell Event Virtual, on June 21st and presenting at the focus session on developments to simplify and accelerate iPSC research with EBiSC.

The presentation if part of the Focus Sessions of the ISSCR Annual Meeting, where Dr. Benjamin Schmid and Dr. Mikkel Rasmussen from Bioneer will be presenting.

Focus Sessions provide in-depth coverage of specific topics of interest and are presented by interested academic and industry groups. These educational opportunities in science, society, and education are organized by members and open to all meeting attendees. Sessions are held live, with Q&A and chat, and will be available as on-demand programming for 30 days after the meeting.

The Focus Session on developments to simplify and accelerate iPSC research is organized by The European Bank for induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC).

The European Bank for iPSCs (EBiSC) is a centralized repository, currently in a second project phase including both non-profit and commercial iPSC researchers (EBiSC2), working to make iPSC tools available and developing protocols which improve and simplify their use. This focus session will share how EBiSC2 partners are adapting and consolidating iPSC expansion, differentiation and cryopreservation approaches to help ease transition into high volume applications whilst also ensuring accessibility for non-expert users. We will discuss how the inclusion of iPSC tool lines in these protocol developments enables rapid generation of functionally mature derived cell types and how the associated iPSC datasets can be broadly shared in an ethically compliant manner. Lastly, common stumbling blocks will be discussed to raise awareness across the community.

See below the full program of the session:

The European Bank for iPSCs Program

Julia Neubauer, PhD, Fraunhofer-IBMT, Germany
Alfredo Cabrera-Socorro, PhD, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium
Welcome and Overview

Julia Neubauer, PhD, Fraunhofer-IBMT, Germany
Approaches Towards Expansion, Differentiation and Banking Of iPSCs At High Volume

Mikkel Rasmussen, PhD, Bioneer, Denmark
Emilie Lemesre, PhD, Servier, France
iPSC-Derived Hepatocytes in Drug Screening and Toxicology

Alfredo Cabrera-Socorro, PhD, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium
Development of A Fully Human Neuronal and Astrocyte Co-Culture Assay Amenable For Electrophysiological Studies In Functionally Mature Neurons

Benjamin Schmid, PhD, Bioneer, Denmark
Gene-Editing in iPSCs – Unexpected Pitfalls: On-Target Effects

Andreas Kurtz, PhD, Fraunhofer-IBMT, Germany
Collection, Standardisation and Sharing Of iPSC Associated Datasets Using Open Tools

Eugenia Jones, PhD, Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics, USA
Common Non-Scientific Challenges in The Generation, Use and Sharing Of iPSC Lines.

Panel Discussion: Upcoming Challenges In iPSC Research from An Academic and Industry Perspective.

You can register to the session here

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