A new targeted DNA enrichment technology is on the market and Bioneer is excited to announce the collaboration with Samplix. By using their technology, complex genomics questions can be answered.

Xdrop™ is the proprietary technology of Samplix that enriches genomic regions >100 kb from as little as 1 ng genomic DNA and with single-molecule resolution.

With knowledge of only a small sequence within or flanking the target region, Xdrop™ enables a variety of applications that are difficult to address with other methods:

  • Verify integrity and fidelity of CRISPR or other engineered edits
  • Close gaps in your sequence of interest obscured by high GC-content
  • Elucidate patterns of regions with variable tandem repeats
  • Work with unknown or rearranged genomic regions
  • Detect low-abundance variants and resolve haplotype phasing
  • Examine expected and unexpected viral, transposon or other insertions

The Xdrop™ technology platform by Samplix.

“We became aware of Samplix and the Xdrop™ technology through a project that revealed an unintended modification in CRISPR-engineered cell lines that had been verified as isogenic,” says Dr. Bjørn Holst, Head of the Biomedical Technology department at Bioneer. “And now we want to offer customers that same level of fidelity and transparency for genomics research projects, such as advanced quality control of gene edited cell models.”

Therefore, we have teamed up with Samplix and their experts, who bring >10 years of experience in international genomics services with professional customer support to enrich and sequence any sample on short- or long-read platforms.

Contact Bjørn Holst if you want to know more via mail or by calling +45 45 160 444.

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