Bioneer, as a member of the Danish Advanced Technology Group (in Danish: Godkendt Teknologisk Service, GTS, institut), has actively been exploring near-future technologies and services needed by the Danish Life Science industry.

The Ministry for Higher Education and Science supports GTS institutes through performance contracts. In these, funding gets earmarked to develop and implement new technology platforms, thereby facilitating access to cutting edge services and accelerating development of new products from the different players in the Danish life science sector.

We need your input!

In order to determine the importance of the suggested new technology development projects, we ask to engage in a dialogue with the relevant life science stakeholders in Denmark. We hope that you, as representative from industry, academia or hospital, will take the opportunity to share your point of views on any of the four suggested Bioneer-topics for development in the period of 2019-2020 at the website (in Danish):

  • The Microbiome (in Danish: Vores bakterier I sundhed og sygdom) LINK
  • Inflammatory Conditions (in Danish: Forståelse of målrettet behandling af inflammatoriske tilstande) LINK
  • Predictive 3D Cell Models (in Danish: Prædiktive 3D cellemodeller) LINK
  • Personalized Drug Delivery (in Danish: Lægemiddelformulering med patienten i centrum) LINK

By creating a user profile and uploading your comments on, you will have the possibility to influence and convey your ideas and needs for the next technology to be developed and made accessible to the Danish Life Science community. You have until May 31, 2018 to give your comments.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the process, you are welcome to contact CSO Christian Clausen (email) or Business Development Managers Lovisa M. Sunesson (email) or Vibeke Dalhoff (email).

Learn more about the GTS institutes here.

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