Microbiome in Health and Disease, Inflammatory Conditions, Predictive 3D Cell Models, and Patient-Specific Drug Formulation. These are four of the new R&D areas that Bioneer will focus their R&D efforts on during the next coming years. In total, there are 80 new concrete activities being carried out at the Danish GTS-institutes. The activities aim at strengthening the Danish companies’ technological possibilities as well as competitiveness.

In order to support Danish companies’ access to and utilization of the latest technology, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science co-finances research and development activities for more than 600 million DKK at the seven GTS-institutes in Denmark during the next two years.

The specific activities all have the potential to boost the Danish industry, and have been selected through a comprehensive public consultation process. The new activities will also improve the GTS-institutes’ ability to support companies with the newest technology and research results.

Overall, the activities are spread on a number of different technological areas. However, the information and communication technology area is heavily represented in this year’s performance contract, with many activities to improve digitalization of Danish companies’ production, products and services. Other areas, where companies will be able to find new technological service, are e.g. within production technology, material technology, pharmaceutical development, and the construction area.

Please contact CSO Christian Clausen via email or phone +45 45160444, if you have any questions about Bioneer’s R&D activities.

  • Information about all 80 new activities can be found here (in Danish).
  • Link to original press release published by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (in Danish).
  • More information about Bioneer’s new R&D activities can be found here.
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GTS-institutes are independent, non-profit companies. GTS-institutes adapt new research and technology, enabling easier access and implementation for companies. The institutes also develop technologies in collaboration with Danish and international research institutions and companies, and GTS-institutes can provide access to advanced technological infrastructure, when companies for example have a need to test new products.


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