Bioneer has actively been developing and refining protein manufacturing technologies including downstrean and upstream technologies. Bioneer has developed microbial production tools (vectors) as well as hosts and synthetic cultivation media. For 18 years Bioneers P170 system which is based on L. lactis has proven its value especially for manufactuing of vaccine candidates. Furthermore, 6 years ago Bioneer developed an effective E. coli based production platform (E-c) which is popular among clients. Bioneer also exploits mammalian cell systems (CHO, HEK) for manufacturing. Current research activities are aiming at increasing the productivity of microbial strains by engineering specific DNA elements.  With respect to increasing the productivity of mammalian cells we are investigating engineering technologies as well as cultivation techniques.

For further information, contact Søren Madsen, Head of Dept. Bacterial Protein Production, email or by phone +45 45160444.
Review about the P170 Lactococcus lactis expression system:

Jørgensen, CM., Vrang, A., Madsen, SM. (2014) Recombinant protein expression in Lactococcus lactis using the P170 expression system. FEMS Microbiol Lett 351(2):170-8 Pubmed

Example of application of the p170 Lactococcus lactis expression system:

Mistarz, UH., Singh, SK., Nguyen, TTTN., Roeffen, W., Yang, F., Lissau, C., Madsen, SM., Vrang, A., Tiendrebeogo, RW., Kana, IH., Sauerwein, RW., Theisen, M., Rand, KD. (2017) Expression, Purification and Characterization of GMZ2′.10C, a Complex Disulphide-Bonded Fusion Protein Vaccine Candidate against the Asexual and Sexual Life-Stages of the Malaria-Causing Plasmodium falciparum Parasite. Pharm Res 34(9):1970-1983 Pubmed

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