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Our current R&D program within Precision Medicine focuses on the development of new biomarker tools with an aim at bringing the use of RNA-biomarkers and in situ multiplexing technologies closer to clinical implementation.

The R&D group is located at the Bioneer headquarter facilities, where we have access to various instruments and high throughput automated equipment essential for the R&D program.

For further information, please contact Kim Holmstrøm, R&D Manager, Molecular Detection by email or Boye Schnack Nielsen, Business and Research Manager, Molecular Histology, by email or by phone +45 45160444.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is the ability to offer the right treatment to the right patient at the right time and in the right dose. Bioneer is actively developing new biomarker imaging analyses where in situ of RNA-biomarker, DNA and protein multiplexing technologies are combined.

Bioneer develops a range of solutions for in situ visualization of RNA markers in cell and tissue samples by branched probe technologies as well as other detection techniques. There is an increasing acceptance and recognition of the use of non-coding RNA, including microRNA’s (miRNA’s) and long non-coding RNA’s (lncRNA’s) as a novel class of biomarkers. Additionally, the use of coding RNA’s, messenger RNA’s (mRNA’s), as an alternative to protein detection through antibody based immunoassays, represents a perfect solution in cases where antibodies are lacking quality in relation to performance and availability.

In order to lower technological barriers for using RNA based molecules as biomarkers in the diagnostic laboratory, Bioneer develops and tests protocols with the aim to provide standardized and robust RNA in situ hybridization analyses that are consistent for clinical investigations and diagnostics. Bioneer has established an automated high-through-put in situ hybridization platform that serves as the basis for developing robust and standardized analyses for RNA biomarkers in tissue.

Bioneer develops a range of multiplex in situ analyses aiming at analyzing different biomarkers in patient biopsies often of limited size and availability. Especially, within immuno-oncology there is an urgent need to improve diagnostic methods to include spatial data on specific cell populations (e.g. tumor cells, immune cells and fibroblasts) to understand tumor biology and the tumor microenvironment in a tissue context.

> circRTrain

circRTrain is a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Union within the H2020  Programme. Bioneer is one of several partners of circRTrain representing universities, research institutions and companies located in Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Denmark and in the  Netherlands. The programme started in January 2017 and will continue for four years. Read more here.

> Danish Biomarker Network

Bioneer is also one of the initiators to the Danish Biomarker Network together with BioPeople, Denmark’s Life Science Cluster organization. The initiative’s aim is to provide better opportunities in Denmark for prevention of diseases, diagnosis and treatment by usage of biomarkers in a cross-disciplinary fashion. The Network is currently investigating the possibility to set up a Danish infrastructure on biomarker research and development in a public-private partnership model. Read more here.

To learn more about the projects or for new collaboration ideas, please contact R&D managers Kim Holmstrøm by email or Boye Schnack Nielsen by email or by phone +45 45160444.

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