Research & Development

Our research strategy addresses therapeutic fields where novel solutions are required to fulfill the needs of companies, research institutes, and health care. Future treatments of patients require that Mode of Action patterns are resolved, therapeutic modalities are tailored to provide optimal treatment and disease progression as well as therapeutic outcomes can be monitored.
A selection of our publications can be found under each research topic.

Research with impact !

Microbiome in
Health and Disease

The potential impact of the human microbiome on health and treatment of patients is recognized as an important field for both industry and academia.


Inflammatory molecules and biomarkers in diseases have become important drivers for developing new medicine and diagnostic tools.

Predictive 3D
Cell Models

Using three-dimensional technologies to design and generate more accurate in vitro cell models are becoming increasingly important when developing new drug candidates.

Drug Formulation

Drug formulation increasingly take into account patient-specific conditions that are important for more specific drug release.

Protein Manufacturing

We develop and refine protein manufacturing technologies including downstrean and upstream technologies.

Strategic R&D Collaborations

Bioneer participates in a number of external collaborations in all fields of R&D.

Create new product opportunities

We offer access to essential tools, technology and unique biological resources within cell and molecular biology.

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