Protein Manufacturing

Protein Manufacturing
Small-scale protein production and downstream processing 

Bioneer addresses a client's needs for limited amounts of recombinant proteins, e.g. during the discovery phase and preclinical phase of biologics development.

Different proteins require different production systems, and Bioneer offers to test a client's protein in a variety of microbial and mammalian production systems and, subsequently, to optimise the production system by genetic and physiological means. Specifically, Bioneer offers access to a proprietary microbial production system (P170) through licensing of intellectual property covering the expression system (promoter, signal sequence and an optimised host cell) as well as fermentation technology.

Bioneer has downstream processing capability at gram scale and offers purification of proteins.

  Development of production organism Genetic optimisation and scale up of fermentationContract protein production
Microbial expression technologyL. lactis P 170 system

E. coli system
L lactis process optimisation

E. coli process optimisation 

L. lactis system

E. coli system

Mammalian expression technologyMammalian expression system Mammalian process optimisation Mammalian contract production
Downstream processingAnalytical scale protein purification Analytical to gram scale purification Gram scale purification
Formal documentationQuality documentationDelivery of SOPGMP compliant documentation