In the recent publication from the EU project CarTarDis (Cardiovascular Target Discovery), lipid phosphate phosphohydrolase 3 (PLPP3) has been identified as a new therapeutic target to treat the disease atherosclerosis.

Bioneer has during the last four years been involved in the exciting project focused on finding new ways of treating cardiovascular disease (CVD), including atherosclerosis, and one of the major causes of death in the world. The discovery is one of many promising findings that have been done in the granted FP7 project, which ended last year. Other targets and project results have been presented in scientific articles, posters and presentations, and more are still to come.

As member of the multinational consortium, Bioneer has been responsible for developing and implementing RNA ISH-technologies in order to accelerate CVD drug target validation. In the current article, Bioneer has done RNAscope on mRNA in atherosclerotic placques as well as multiplexing RNAscope with cell marker immune staining in tissue samples enabling identification of cell populations containing the different mRNA-targets.

For more information about the project or ISH technologies, please contact R&D Managers Kim Holmstrøm (email) or Boye Schnack Nielsen (email) or call Bioneer at +4545160444.

To read the full scientific paper, press here.

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