Are you investigating different cell surface markers on subsets of cells after different treatments? Or, are you interested in immunophenotyping to analyze changes in cell populations following different treatments?

Then you might be excited to know that Bioneer has added a new cell-analyzer to the research instrument park – the BD FACSLyric, a high-performance clinical cell analyzer.

Like other flow cytometers, the BD FACSLyric is able to measure and analyze a multiple of physical characteristics of single cells simultaneously. The three lasers allow a 12 color analysis configuration, and enables a high-throughput with an automatic plateloader. A novel feature and opportunity, is the possibility to run in vitro diagnostics (IVD) assays.

If you are keen to hear more about the new technology and the possibilities connected to it, please feel free to contact R&D Manager Monika Gad (mail) or Senior Scientist Jesper Larsen (mail) from the Bioneer Immunology Group.

To get an overview of all assays and capabilities of the Immunology group, follow the link.

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