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In the latest edition of DANSK BIOTEK Bioneer has published a retrospective article about the evolution of recombinant protein production.  

In a recent study, published by Zhang et al., the first-ever induced pluripotent stem cell-based neuronal model from patients with frontotemporal dementia 3 is described. Bioneer has played an integral role in the study. 

Rigshospitalet, Cook Regentec, Terumo BCT and Bioneer are partners in a novel five-year innovation project aiming at improving stem cell treatment for patients with chronic heart disease.

Bioneer welcomes Søren Carlsen as new Director of the Board. Thereby the Board includes an experienced and well-recognized person, who knows the Danish Life Science industry inside out.

Bioneer offers a new service to assess the permeability of a drug across the blood-brain barrier. The cell line is characterized by producing large amounts of P-glycoprotein.

Bioneer develops human in vitro models that simulate the interplay between dendritic cells and T cells as it takes place in a tumor microenvironment.

The new grant of 42.4 million DKK from Innovation Fund Denmark enabled the NEXT partnership to establish two new clinical trial centers - Center for Respiratory Diseases and Center for Infectious Diseases. These new centers shall significantly increase the number of early clinical trials conducted in Denmark in the coming years.
In the fall of 2015, the Danish company Tracer Pharma successfully obtained funding from the Innobooster program, supported by Bioneer and the InnovationAgent program.
CRISPR sounds like a new brand of cornflakes, but actually, this is currently the hottest gene editing technology in use
Bioneer offers a highly price-competitive service on toxicity assessments - get in touch to know more and benchmark it with your current provider!