Bioneer publishes fascinating results in the scientific journal Stem Cells together with DanStem on stem cell migration and regenerative medicine.

Bioneer’s researchers within Disease Modelling have together with the international renowned research institute The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology (DanStem) at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen published a new paper on the underlying mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cell recruitment to places of tissue injury. The findings were recently published in the journal of Stem Cells.

Bioneer and DanStem have collaborated for a number of years. If you want to know more about the collaboration or publication, or have any other related questions, please feel free to contact our CSO Christian Clausen via email or telephone +45 45 160 444.

To get an overview of the current R&D program within Disease Models, follow the link.
To learn more about DanStem, follow the link

Link to the publication can be found here.

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