Hot off the Press; Bioneer and collaborators look into the co-expression of miR-21 and TNF-α in colorectal cancer in a new publication, and report novel exciting discoveries.

The team of Molecular Histology & Detection at Bioneer collaborates with top cancer clinicians in Denmark and utilizes a highly advanced technology platform. In the recent study, published in the specialized International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Business and Research Manager Boye Schnack Nielsen (mail) and R&D manager Kim Holmstrøm (mail), together with the hospitals in Vejle and Aarhus, have been studying the co-expression of miR-21 and TNF-α in invasive colon cancer by using different state-of-the-art combined assays, staining automation and confocal slide scanning microscopy.

Key conclusions from the article:
  • A fully automated combined in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry assay was developed that allowed use of LNA probe technology and RNAscope technology together with immunofluorescence on the same tissue section.
  • With the new tool, the potent pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α was found expressed in budding and branching cancer cells located at the invasive front, in cells often co-expressing miR-21.
  • Digital slides obtained by confocal slide scanning microscopy facilitated the evaluation of co-expression in individual cells.

To get access to the full article “Co-Detection of miR-21 and TNF-α mRNA in Budding Cancer Cells in Colorectal Cancer”, follow the link.

To learn more about the multiplexing technologies and possibilities at Bioneer, read more on the Molecular Histology & Detection webpage or read the article “Getting a broader picture” published in the DANSK BIOTEK Life Science magazine found here, page 12-13. 

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