Molecular Analysis of the Properties of Probiotic Bacteria.

The recent publication about the difference in adhesive properties of two different probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum strains reflects some of the multiple technologies accessible at Bioneer. In the paper, two Lactobacilli strains were analyzed and compared by DNA sequencing, ELISA and their ability to interact with gut cell barrier models, to name a few assays. An in-depth analysis, revealed that a single nucleotide change determined the different adhesion capacities among the two strains.

Bioneer is currently developing new model systems for microbiome research. In these efforts, we combine our interdisciplinary skillsets and work towards establishing a “standard” microbiota cocktail, new culturing procedures for complex microbiomes, develop in vitro cell models with a microbiome feature as well as developing formulations for probiotic strains to better survive gastric acid and bile salts.

If you have any questions related to probiotic characterization, please contact Head of the Protein Production Department Søren Madsen via mail or R&D Manager within Molecular Detection Kim Holmstrøm via mail or telephone +45 45 160 444.

Link to the paper can be found here.

More information about the current R&D activities within Microbiome can be found here.

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