Lars Hagsholm Pedersen replaces Poul Andersson who retired on March 31st 2018 after nearly 15 successful years as a highly respected leader.

Poul Andersson has served as CEO of Bioneer since the company was incorporated in 2003. Poul Andersson is MD and for many years he worked with basic cancer research and entered applied and commercial research at “The Genetic Engineering Group” of Denmark in 1985. This group later became part of the Biotechnological Institute. Poul Andersson and former Rector of Technical University of Denmark, Lars Pallesen were instrumental in establishing Bioneer A/S as a fully DTU-owned Advanced Technology company (Danish: Godkendt Teknologisk Service, GTS) when The Biotechnological Institute was split in 2003.

Chairman of the board at Bioneer and former CEO at Symphogen, Kirsten Drejer who also knows Bioneer from her time as ordinary board member 2005 – 2011 says “Poul has been the main driver behind Bioneer’s success as a well-recognized provider of advanced research based services to the pharma and biotech industries. Poul has a remarkable flair for business and has delivered almost a doubling in annual turnover and consistent profits. Moreover, the commercial activities now comprise 56 %.”

Through the years Poul has also been a well-recognized contributor to a range of research based programs. He was one of the architects behind NEXT Partnership, an ongoing public private clinical research collaboration between main hospitals in Denmark and the pharmaceutical industry aimed at attracting more industrially sponsored early clinical trials to Denmark. Kirsten Drejer continues, “Poul’s background in scientific and industrial research and entrepeneurship has enabled him to bridge critical clinical needs of companies and the highly qualified clinical research performed at Danish hospitals. It requires special political skills and insights into private public partnerships to establish such initiatives across the sometimes different interests of academics and companies.“

Poul Andersson concludes his more than 40 years in basic and industrial research by stating: “It is a main challenge for Denmark to be able to support the establishment of new biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies which can create many jobs. It requires the right entrepreneurial spirit, investors with patience and willingness to take a risk, and lastly, excellent biomedical research. In this triangle we find Bioneer’s raison d’être: To maximize the societal value of governmental investments in research by supporting the survivability of the smaller companies.”

Lars Hagsholm Pedersen, Ph.D. (Biology) was former CSO of Bioneer for many years and and has been Chief Business Officer for four years. Kirsten Drejer says:” Through his years at Bioneer Lars has worked in most of the central functions and I am happy that he has accepted the role as CEO in Bioneer which is a complex company working at the interface of science and industry.”

For more information, please contact Chairman of the Board Kirsten Drejer (+45 45160444).

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