Together with Hejnaes Consult and CMC Assist, Bioneer has in the latest DANSK BIOTEK magazine tried to give a simple overview of the Chemistry, Manufacture and Control (CMC) package needed for a biopharmaceutical drug.

The Bacterial Protein Production department at Bioneer, headed by Søren Madsen, is used to a vast variety of biopharmaceutical projects, and as with all projects, it is crucial that time and budget are followed with close scrutiny.

Bioneer has in close collaboration with Hejnaes Consult and CMC Assist designed an easy, customizable CMC package to support e.g. small biotech companies, who seldom have access to their own development and manufacturing facilities.

Feel free to contact Head of Department Søren Madsen via mail or telephone +45 45 16 04 44, if you have any CMC related questions.

Link to the DANSK BIOTEK magazine No.3 2018 here. You will find the whole article on pages 8-11. 

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