Together with the Cardiology Stem Cell Centre at the Copenhagen University Hospital, Bioneer has written an exposé describing different aspects of cellular therapies or so-called advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and what to think of.

The Immunology group at Bioneer, represented by R&D Manager Monika Gad and Senior Scientist Jesper Larsen, has long been working with a variety of human primary immune cell in vitro assays, and for the last couple of years one of the major focuses in the internal immunological R&D program has been on establishing validated potency assays for the rising number of ATMPs.

Read the full article in the latest DANSK BIOTEK magazine no. 4 by clicking here (page 4).

For any interest in Bioneer’s potency assays, please contact Senior Scientist Jesper Larsen via email or +45 45 160 444.

To get an overview of Bioneer’s full R&D program on Immune Modulation, follow the link.