3D Bioprinting is the the hottest new tool in disease modeling.

In the first edition of the LIFE SCIENCE / DANSK BIOTEK magazine, Bioneer writes about how the new technology of 3D printing can be applied on biology and disease modelling, so-called bioprinting.

Within the current R&D programs at Bioneer, both research groups in Disease Models and Immune Models will be using the 3D bioprinting instrument to build complex, multicellular 3D models in order to study questions of liver toxicity and immune-tumor interactions. If you are curious or have an interst in the subject, please feel free to contact either R&D Managers Monika Gad, immunology (email) or Bjørn Holst, disease modelling (email).

The full article about 3D bioprinting can be found here, on pages 14-15. 

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