Bioneer is looking forward to joining the upcoming online partnering conference within neuroscience together with neuroscientific researchers and companies around the world.

Inova in collaboration with Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), are organizing a 4-day virtual partnering event on neuroscience where participants will have the opportunity to network using a partnering platform. Bioneer is primed for a multitude of one-to-one meetings and hopes to get many top scientific discussions within in vitro models for neurodegenerative diseases or the blood-brain-barrier.

Bioneer offers a range of in vitro CNS models such as generation of neurodegenerative disease cell models using gene editing (AD, PD, FTD etc.), screening in a neurodegenerative disease cell models, high-content imaging analysis (e.g. neurite outgrowth, synapses, neuronal differentiation, viability, apoptosis), transport analysis across different types of blood-brain-barrier models, liquid biopsy analysis of CSF, and molecular histological analysis of brain tissue, and much more.

Please read more about our blood-brain-barrier (BBB) models in our new publications:

If you would like to discuss a possible CNS project, please contact Business Development Manager Lovisa Sunesson (mail) or Head of Biomedical Department Bjørn Holst (mail).

To learn more about the Neuroscientific Virtual Partnering conference, follow the link.

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