Bioneer is hosting the upcoming MV Medtech Network meeting with the headline ‘Biological Implants, Bioprinting, and New Materials – The wonderful complexity of new technology in a biological context’.

Medicon Valley Alliance and Bioneer welcomes you to the Medicon Valley Network and the 6th meeting. During the meeting we will learn more about how to develop new bioimplants, new biomaterials and bioprinting. From an exploratory standpoint, we will get introduced to innovative ideas for cross-functional products that require multidisciplinary skill-sets. Get a snapshot of the latest advancements within areas where technology meets biology.

Deadline for registration is 21th of May, 2019.

For any questions, contact Senior Project Manager Helen Pettersson at MVA (email) or Business Development Manager Lovisa M. Sunesson at Bioneer (email).

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