Unanticipated Immune Responses Of Biopharmaceuticals

After recent unsuccessful clinical trials, like the TeGenero-case, increased attention has come to the significance of immunogenicity assessment early on in drug development. In the second edition of the DANSK BIOTEK magazine, Bioneer has taken a closer look on cytokine storms and other adverse immune responses, and explains what assays could be used to pre-clinically evaluate the occurrence of an undesired immune response mediated by biopharmaceuticals.

Bioneer has many years’ experience and knowledge of different in vitro immune models encompassing human primary immune cells, including immunogenicity testing. If you would like to discuss a project with Bioneer, you are welcome to contact Immunology R&D manager Monika Gad, email, or Business Development Manager Lovisa M. Sunesson, email.

Read more about Bioneer and immunogenicity on page 4 in the latest DANSK BIOTEK magazine here.

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