RegMed Forum 2017 - Advanced Disease Models, Dec 6, 2017

As therapeutics become increasingly more complex, such as cell therapies, the need for more complex in vitro disease model systems increases. The optimal advanced disease model should be able to mimic in vivo conditions of humans as close to reality as possible.

At the RegMed Forum 2017 innovative 3D cell culture approaches, 3D bioprinting and organ/human-on-a-chip model systems will be discussed and presented. At Bioneer we work a lot with different disease models and 3D systems, and we look forward to discussing with fellow peers from academia and industry new solutions and needs for future development.

Bioneer will be represented by Bjørn Holst, R&D Manager, Disease Models and Lovisa Sunesson, Business Development Manager. If you would like to meet us, please contact us at +45 45 160 444 or lms[at]

The Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT) and Berlin Partner are jointly organizing the RegMed Forum in Berlin, Germany. The program is packed with speakers from both Europe and the US. For more details about the event, please follow the link.