6th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress, 21-24 May 2017

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) offers an exciting venue where the leading pharmaceutical scientists from across the globe will meet to discuss the medicines of the future.

At the 6th FIP congress in Stockholm, Bioneer looks forward to networking with representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, regulatory bodies, and academia. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to meet us during:

  • the poster sessions where you will be able to discuss collaboration opportunities in drug development and characterization with Head of Bioneer:FARMA Professor Anette Müllertz as well as Business Development Manager Vibeke Dalhoff
  • or, the presentation from Professor Anette Müllertz, who will speak about “Robust and in-vivo predictive characterisation of API´s” and learn about “The role of transporters at the blood brain barrier; uptake and efflux mechanism".

Should you wish to know more about Bioneer, or want to pre-book a meeting please contact Vibeke Dalhoff, Business Development Manager, vda[at]

You can find more information about the congress here.

Bioneer is a Danish provider of biomedical and pharmaceutical R&D based services. The business unit Bioneer:Farma offers:
- predictive in-vitro models, including The Dynamic Gastric Model and Barrier models
- preformulation of small molecules and biologics
- drug delivery systems
- drug characterization

Bioneer also offers:
- human disease models; cell technology, immune models, cell engineering and gene editing
- recombinant proteins; production, purification and charaterisation
- molecular histology & detection; biomarkers research, multiplexing, single cell analysis and 
  RNA scope