Bioneer is part of new groundbreaking project granted 25 MDKK by Innovation Fund Denmark

Yesterday it was announced that Rigshospitalet, Cook Regentec, Terumo BCT and Bioneer will be running a five-year innovation project aiming at improving stem cell treatment for patients with chronic heart disease. The Cardiac Stem Cell Center at Rigshospitalet are heading the project, which has a total budget of 37 MDKK. The Center has for many years worked with improving survival and decreasing difficulties associated with heart failure. Thanks to the granted project, the production and development of high-qualitative stem cells will be able to progress in order to secure cutting edge treatment and improved quality of life for patients with chronic heart disease. 

 - “We are very proud to be part of this large investment from Innovation Fund Denmark. It is an important project within the stem cell therapy field in general and of course in particular for patients with heart disease, now potentially facing an effective new treatment strategy”, says Christian Clausen, Head of Department of Biomedical Technology at Bioneer A/S. 

Bioneer’s role in the project will mainly focus on quality control of the produced stem cells. -”Our role in the project lies perfectly within our R&D strategy on developing novel in vitro models that can be used for evaluating both mode of action and potency of cell products for clinical purposes – especially within the immunomodulatory field”, comments Kaare Engkilde, R&D Manager for Immunology, and leader of work package 3. 

The project is planned to start in 2017. For more information, read the press release from Innovation Fund Denmark here (in Danish).

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Contact: Christian Clausen,, +45 45 16 04 44