We develop CNS models based on iPS cell lines and immortalized cell lines. Our team use gene editing, neural differentiation technologies and image based screening to develop models that mimic a specific CNS disease.

We understand the complexity of CNS invitro modelling, and we can custom design or tailor CNS models to fit your purpose.

Our typical work flow for developing the CNS models is:

  • Gene editing in cell line of interest to establish a disease specific lines and corresponding isogenic controls [LINK to specialized services, Gene Editing & Reprogramming]
  • Differentiation to neuronal subtypes relevant for the CNS disease of interest
  • CNS assay development

We have a variety of equipment to develop the best CNS assay.

  • Image based screening platform (ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System Molecular Biodevices)
  • High-throughput flow cytometry analysis (BD FACS Lyric)
  • Advanced molecular analytical tools

We have established a collection of neurodegenerative disease models, such as a variety of related knock-in models with disease specific familiar and risk factor mutations (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Frontotemporal dementia) and iPSC derived blood-brain-barrier models.

We are constantly developing our CNS modelling skills and would be happy to share the latest updates.

For further information
please contact:

Bjørn Holst

Department Head