We have the ability to create cancer in vitro systems to evaluate chemotherapeutics and immune-oncology drug candidates.

We can assist in both simple or complex studies with few or several parameters, one or more cancer drug candidates of interest, in a multicellular milieu. We can test candidates alone or in combination with relevant commercially-available reference drugs.

We have a strong expertise in immune-oncology and can assist companies with a broad range of in vitro models and assays. These includes:

  • Immune suppressor assays including T-regs
  • Dendritic / T-cell model including immune suppressive DCs, so-called DC10s
  • Simulated tumor microenvironment by using Tumor-conditioned Media (TCM)
  • Different immortalized cancer cell models
  • Different cell co-cultures mimicking cancer micro environments
  • Detection of tumor cells in blood
  • Checkpoint inhibitor blockade
  • Reprogramming and genome editing of immune cells [LINK Specialized Services – Gene Edting & Reprogramming]
  • Cytokine release assays
  • Generation of cancer-specific cell lines
  • Advanced biomarker analysis from single cells to complex tissue samples [LINK to Specialized Services – Molecular Histology and Detection.

Above is a selection of model and assays in the immuno-oncology field that we can perform. Depending on individual project and client needs, we will tailor and adapt the study set-up to fit the specific purpose.

For further information, please contact Department Head Bjørn Holst by phone +45 45160444 or email.

For further information
please contact:

Anette Müllertz
Head of Bioneer:FARMA

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