Bioneer supports companies in their quest to help COVID-19 affected people around the world.

In 2020, there has been an increase in new research projects to find novel therapeutic and/or preventive treatments for COVID-19 disease. In the Medicon Valley region alone more than 200 COVID-19-related research projects were initiated according to the report ‘State of Medicon Valley 2020’ by Medicon Valley Alliance and Øresundsinstituttet.

Bioneer has tools, know-how and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for supporting a wide range of bio-molecular, as well as pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing activities in the COVID-19 drug and vaccine development area. As previously presented, we have a broad range of technologies to investigate COVID-19 infection as well as the associated immune response. Moreover, we produce critical materials associated with vaccine manufacture and we help our clients and partners with pre-formulation and formulation development.

One of the exciting COVID-19 projects, we have been involved in, is with the team at UNION therapeutics A/S – a clinical stage, pharmaceutical company. UNION is developing a promising drug candidate that holds great potential, as an intra-nasal and inhaled treatment and prophylaxis for COVID-19 patients. We were selected by the UNION team to work on an enabling pulmonary formulation of this COVID-19 drug candidate.

“UNION’s selection of Bioneer as a drug formulation partner is a testament to the value of our work within the field. We are excited to have played a key role in the formulation development work, for their COVID-19 project”, says Bioneer’s Principal Scientist Dr. Matthias Manne Knopp.

We are proud to work with UNION therapeutics on the development of drug formulations and to share that their drug candidate was found to have promising safety and pharmacokinetic results in a Phase I study, just recently published in a Lancet publication. We are also delighted to share that UNION therapeutics is currently in Phase II/III clinical trials, with the enabling pulmonary formulation for the treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19.

“ We appreciate very much the agility and competences of Bioneer. The collaboration with Bioneer helped the rapid advancement of our program from early concept to large patient trials”, says UNIONs Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Morten Sommer.

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