Bioneer presents its new R&D programs 2021-2024

Starting 2021, Bioneer has initiated two very exciting and ambitious R&D programs that during the next four years will strengthen our capabilities and service solutions that we offer to life science companies. We look forward to seeing our R&D organization move these programs forward and be able to assist a broad range of companies with the best services that can contribute to new therapies and medicines.

The first program within In Vitro Modelling” aims at developing a new generation of in vitro models within CNS, immunology, cancer and the gastro-intestinal system. Our ambition is to develop the best-in-class in vitro models matching the industry needs where especially the CNS track will take us into the area of screening and automation. We are also excited to enter the fast-moving field of Artificial Intelligence that we will couple to our new generation of in vitro models.

The other R&D program within “Early Stage Development of Drug Candidates” will further strengthen our ambition to assist companies from “gene to protein” and with peptide and small molecule development. This ambitious program will move our capabilities in the field of recombinant protein manufacturing to a new level both in terms of production efficiency and the ability to complete CMO transfers. We also look into the exciting world of peptides, where we will use our strong formulation competences to strengthen the service offering.

Bioneer encourages companies, universities and hospitals to contact us. If you would like to know more about the R&D programs, learn how you could benefit from the development activities, or would like to collaborate on one of the topics, feel free to contact CSO Christian Clausen (e-mail).

Read more in the recent article herepublished in the recent DANSK BIOTEK insert (in Danish). If you wish to read the full insert, follow the link.

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