Advanced hiPSC-derived in vitro models in toxicology – actiTOX webinar, May 25, 2021

Bioneer is glad to participate to the next talk of the actiTOX webinar series: “Advanced Organotypic Models for Toxicological Screening” on May 25th.

The next talk of the actiTOX webinar series will be presented by Dr. Mikkel Rasmussen from Bioneer on May 25th at 16:00.

Mikkel Rasmussen will talk about the advanced hiPSC-derived in vitro models in toxicology.

The presentation will focus on the use of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC’s) and Gene Editing tools for establishing of Advanced In Vitro Toxicology models.

The In Vitro models include hepatocytes and cardiomyocytes containing luciferase reporter genes for easy and sensitive assessment of toxicity, as well as neurons containing inducible genes for faster maturation.

The webinar is free of charge and you can register here.  

About actiTOX:
The actiTOX project aims to develop novel and reliable 3D organotypic models for pre-clinical nanoparticle toxicological screening and drug development.  The objective of the project is to increase the relevance of in-vitro studies by providing scalable bi-organ bioreactors that can simulate both the absorption and metabolism of the drug. More specifically, skin, lung and intestinal models will be developed to simulate particle/drug absorption, and liver and fat models will be developed to simulate the subsequent metabolism.

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