We provide a broad range of services, support and custom-made assays within immunology, at all levels from basic research and early discovery to clinical sample evaluation. We understand the importance of ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of biopharmaceuticals in development from an immunological perspective.

Our long-standing experience in immunology has been the key driver to establish a broad range of high quality in vitro immune model assays:

  • Anti -and proinflammatory effects: We offer advanced immune disease models based on dendritic cell and T cell interactions in Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assays to evaluate anti -and proinflammatory effects of drug candidates. We have developed different disease-promoting cocktails to mimic different pathogenic conditions as seen in autoimmunity, allergy or cancer.

By using these models, the predictive, immune modulating in vivo effect of e.g. potential drug candidates, vaccine adjuvants or probiotics can be investigated and evaluated. The models are validated with clinically relevant compounds.

  • Immune Suppressor assays/regulatory T Cell assays: We offer Immune Suppressor Assays predicting suppressive capacities of different cellular subsets or candidate compounds, which are highly relevant for the development of a range of different biopharmaceuticals.

We also offer isolation and differentiation of different regulatory T-cell subsets.

  • Potency assays for cell products (ATMPs): To assure consistency of measures, traditional in vitro assays need translation into standard analytical methods. We offer reliable and standardized in vitro Potency Assays for analysing immune modulatory effects of cell-based products e.g. mesenchymal stromal cells and pluripotent stem cells.
  • Custom-made immune assays: We perform a diverse range of Custom-made Immune Assays and applications. We have expertise with both human, murine, rabbit and non-human primate products. We have vast experience in designing highly tailored custom immune assays with personalized parameters and endpoints.

We have state of the art equipment for custom made flow cytometry based phenotypic analysis (BD FACS Lyric) and for advanced sorting of immune cell subsets (BD FACSAria III platform). We do high-throughput multiplex analysis of cytokine profiles using MagPix Luminex platform.

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