Bioneer will be presenting at the next Cellular Imaging Systems user meeting organized by Molecular Devices, where scientists from different research organisations will show how they investigate 3D and complex biology by using advanced methods in high-content cellular imaging and analysis.

During a 1.5-day virtual user meeting and workshop, featuring Molecular Devices Cellular Imaging Systems, the latest developments in high-content image-based assays will be discussed.

Bioneer A/S has established a high content imaging platform based on Molecular Devices’ ImageXpress Micro Confocal. By using this system Bioneer can setup assays to investigate neurite outgrowth, phagocytosis, differentiation status, morphological changes, and different 3D disease models such as cancer spheroids.

To read more about Bioneer’s use of the system in the interview by Molecular Devices, follow the link.

Bioneer A/S Research Scientist Dr. Hjalte M. Larsen will present on day 2, March 17 at 3.10pm (CET) – Imaging as a tool in 2D/3D disease modelling.

If you would like to discuss a project where the high-content imaging technology could be useful, please contact Head of Department Bjørn Holst (mail) or BD Manager Lovisa M. Sunesson (mail).

To read more and to register to the event, follow the link.

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