Facilitating use of Neutron and X-ray Analyses at Large-scale Research Facilities.

Danish Technological Institute (lead partner), Bioneer, Force Technology, and the Alexandra Institute, all members of the Danish RTO network, has joined forces in facilitating the future use of the new large-scale research facilities ESS and MAX IV in Lund, Sweden. The MAX IV Laboratory was inaugurated already in 2016 and uses the brightest source of x-rays worldwide, whereas the European Spallation Source (ESS) is estimated to be ready in 2023/24 and will possess the world’s most powerful neutron source.

In order to gain as much information as possible from MAX IV and ESS, Bioneer:FARMA will assist pharmaceutical and Biotech companies in planning and carrying out experiments as well as the subsequent data analysis. Bioneer:FARMA already uses neutron and x-ray scattering techniques to study protein structure, stability, and aggregation behavior in addition to interactions of proteins with surface active compounds.

Example of applications are:
  • drug interaction w/ lipid cell membrane models in solution or at surfaces
  • colloidal structures as drug delivery systems
  • phospholipid complexes with poorly soluble drugs
  • digestion of lipid-based drug delivery systems
  • interactions between lipids, proteins, and starch
  • enzymatic processes

For more information, please contact Bioneer:FARMA Research Scientist Tania Kjellerup Lind (email) or Head of Department Anette Müllertz (email).

Read more about the support you can get from Bioneer:FARMA in the latest edition of the DANSK BIOTEK magazine on page 6.

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