Are you a Danish Life Science SME, researcher or clinician? Then Bioneer needs your input on what life science technologies and services we should develop tomorrow before May 29, 2020.

The Ministry for Higher Education and Science will support Bioneer, and other GTS institutes, in an upcoming 4-year long performance contract. Through this earmarked funding, Bioneer will develop and implement new technology platforms, thereby facilitating access to cutting edge services and accelerating development of new medicine, diagnostics and other healthcare products from the different players in the Danish life science sector.

We need your comment on

Bioneer suggests the following two focus areas:

  • Den sunde krop – The Healthy Body – where the focus will be to establish new preclinical services to accelerate the development of new medicines, high-value ingredients, and medical devices. LINK (in Danish)
  • Fremtidens udvikling og produktion af protein- og peptidbaserede lægemidler, samt ingredienser – The Future Development and Production of Protein- and Peptide-based Pharmaceuticals, as well as Ingredients. LINK (in Danish)

Use the highlighted links after each focus area above, to give your comment on the importance and relevance of that specific area. Or you can go directly onto and choose Bioneer to give your input. You have until May 29, 2020 to leave your comment.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the process, you are welcome to contact CSO Christian Clausen (email) or Business Development Managers Lovisa M. Sunesson (email) or Vibeke Dalhoff (email).

To read the official GTS press release (in Danish), follow the link .

To learn more about the GTS institutes, press here

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