Meet Bioneer and fellow project partners at the concluding dissemination seminar for the project ‘Biomarkers as an Emerging Growth Area in Denmark’ at the Maersk Tower in Copenhagen.

The project ‘Biomarkers as an Emerging Growth Area in Denmark’ has investigated biomarkers’ R&D and its translation into clinical use.

Over the three past years, Bioneer together with three other Danish university-based innovation networks have investigated the needs and potentials for growth and new innovative collaboration within the field of biomarkers in Denmark.

The seminar is thought to allow the project group to share key learnings and recommendations for future capacity building among researchers, developers and patient organisations at the intersection between the public and private sector and society as a whole.

At the seminar, you will:

  • gain new insights into needs and potentials among innovative partners from other sectors
  • contribute to the recommendations on the needs for future capacity building among actors involved in biomarkers research, development and use – from bench to bedside
  • have the opportunity to network and get inspired from presentations and discussions
When: 04-12-2018 09:00 – 17:00
Location: Maersk Tower, Room 7.15.92, Copenhagen
Organizer: Biopeople, Brandbase, Infinit and Bioneer

For program and registration, press here.

To learn more about the project and/or Bioneer’s knowhow within the field, please contact R&D Manager Kim Holmstrøm via email.

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