Bioneer is excited to launch a new refreshed website. We hope our visitors will appreciate the ease of navigating and way of orientation among the technologies, services and R&D we offer.

As some of you probably already has noticed, the Bioneer website has been revamped in order to better visualize and present our different core business areas within Drug Formulation & Characterization, Human Disease Models, Recombinant Proteins and Molecular Histology & Detection, as well as ongoing national and international research programs. It is more user-friendly with responsive design suitable for both mobile and desktop devices. We have also simplified the structure of our content, so the visitor quicker will get an idea of our knowhow and services from a brief read.

We will continue to post news about the latest updates and events where you can meet us at. Through a new feature, you will now be able to help us share and spread the information with your network.

We value the feedback of our visitors, clients and partners around the world and would be very happy to receive your view about the new website. Please, let us know what you think by dropping us an e-mail. We encourage you to take contact to our dedicated and competent team of scientists and BDs should you have a need to discuss any future projects.

We hope you will enjoy the new and improved Bioneer website, check it out here.

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