Board of Directors

Our Board has a profound insight in the pharmaceutical , biotech and medtech industries as well as in research and contributes to Bioneer’s position as a strong research-based development partner

Kirsten Drejer


Professional board member, former CEO of Symphogen

Kirsten is very well known to the national and international pharma and biotech community and was a co-founder and CEO of Symphogen A/S for more than 16 years. Kirsten is M.Sc. in Pharmacy and holds a Ph.D in pharmacology. She had several scientific positions prior to entering different leadership roles at Novo Nordisk including Director of Diabetes Discovery and Corporate Facilitator. Since Kirsten stepped down from her role as founding CEO in Symphogen  she has accepted board positions in a range of pharma and biotech companies. In addition, Kirsten continues her engagement in promoting scientific development and entrepreneurship at the pharmaceutical department of University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School. Kirsten Drejer has been member of the Board at Danisco (now part of Dupont), The Danish Advanced Technology Fund and is currently member of the Board of Symphogen, Bioporto, Antag, Resother pharma and Lyhne & Co. Kirstens ambition is to strengthen the awareness of Bioneer as an advanced not-for-profit science driven company offering high-technology drug development and analytical services to the Danish pharma and biotech environment.

Marianne Thellersen

Dep. Chairman

 SVP, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Technical University of Denmark. 

Marianne comes with many years of biotech industry experience prior to her present position at DTU where she heads all activities concerning creation of commercial value from scientific results. Marianne is M.Sc. in biotechnology from DTU and has an e-MBA from CBS-SIMI. She first joined Novo Nordisk and later Novozymes where she held a range of positions related to research and innovation. Marianne was program director at CBS-Simi for two years before becoming SVP at DTU in 2012. Marianne is deeply engaged in how innovative research can be converted into viable societal and commercial value and is instrumental in creating a vibrant entrepreneur environment at DTU campuses. Marianne is representing DTU (the owner) and contributes to Bioneers societal and business activities due to her many years of insight into technology transformation processes.

Michael Pålsson

Board member

Chief Operations Officer, Upfront Chromatography A/S

Michael Pålsson is a dedicated entrepreneur who for many years been involved in establishing and running a number of companies within biotech and medico. Michael is B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and B. Comm. from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and he has attended several international management programs at INSEAD and IMD. Michael has held a number of advisory, leadership and executive roles, including Chief Executive Officer and Board Director positions of several biotech, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, including Medtronic A/S, Bonesupport AB, Bioneer A/S and Appium Partners P/S. Michael was CEO of Upfront Chromatography until 2015. Michael has been instrumental in a number of business transactions ranging from licensing and spin-outs to M&A. Bioneer is benefitting from Michaels experience with small and medium sized companies and his experience in business models and sales.

Søren Carlsen

Board member

Professional board member, Former CEO of Novo Ventures

Søren is an internationally well recognized industrial biotech capacity with a long track record in biotech including in establishing, funding and operating new companies. Søren holds a M.Sc. in engineering and in brewing sciences. He has more than 35 years of experience from the biopharmaceutical industry where he has held a number of executive positions. From 2000 to 2015 he was Managing Partner in Novo Ventures and Novo Seeds and he has been responsible for establishing a broad range of companies. For about 25 years he also chaired Dansk Biotek, a branch organization for Danish biotech companies.  Søren is now at the board of a range of biotech and pharma companies. Bioneer specifically benefits from Søren’s deep insight in developing, establishing and running biotech and pharma companies at all levels.

Trine Winterø

Board member

Vice Dean of Innovation and External Relations, University of Copenhagen

Trine is a well known capacity in management of innovation processes and in operationalization of novel business ideas at the interface of business, science and technology. Trine is Ph.D in molecular genetics from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University where she later became associate professor. Her business carrier started in 2001 as Innovation Manager of Symbion Science Park, and later she became the CEO of Symbion Management and Symbion Capital, an early stage venture fund. In 2008 she founded Medtech Innovation Consortium (MTIC) as CEO. At MTIC she was the main driver in building an entrepreneurial and creative product and service development environment between medtech companies, start-ups in the field, and health institutions. In 2016 she joined University of Copenhagen in the role as Vice Dean for innovation at the Faculty of Health and medical sciences. Here her task is to support the creation of a productive innovation system. Trine contributes to the board with many years of experience with public private partnerships and management of innovation.

Bjarke Bak Christensen

Board member

Head of Dept. DTU Bioengineering, Technical University of Denmark

Bjarke Bak Christensen has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and worked as a research scientist at Danish Food and Veterinary Research Institute, where he became Head of Section in 2004. In 2007 he became Head of Research Division Microbiology and Risk Assessment at DTU Food. From 2010 to 2016 Bjarke headed Department of Food Science at University of Copenhagen (FOOD), which he left in order to become Head of Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine at DTU, which is offering research and education within biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry and pharma technology. Bioneer is benefitting from Bjarke’s profound knowledge and knowhow concerning novel trends and scientific developments in the food science, biotechnology and pharma areas.

Bjørn Holst

Board member

R & D Manager, Disease Models, Bioneer

Trine Møller

Board member

Technician, Bioneer

Søren Madsen

Board member

Head of Dept. Bacterial Protein Production, Bioneer

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