Bioneer:FARMA is a business unit of Bioneer located at Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen. The business unit offers consultancy and services to pharma and biotech companies and was established in 2007 in collaboration with University of Copenhagen. On an annual basis Bioneer:FARMA undertakes a range of assignments for companies. Employees from the Department of Pharmacy frequently contribute to solving parts of such tasks with their expertise.

In Danish: Bioneer:FARMA er Bioneers farmaceutiske forretningsenhed, som er placeret på Institut for Farmaci, Københavns Universitet. Bioneer:Farma tilbyder rådgivning og services inden for det farmaceutiske område. Bioneer:FARMA etableredes i 2007 i samarbejde med Københavns Universitet. Bioneer:FARMA medarbejdere betjener mange kunder og en del opgaver løses ofte i samarbejde med Institut for Farmacis dygtige forskere.  Derudover arbejder Bioneer:FARMA medarbejdere sammen med instituttets medarbejdere i forskningsprojekter.

Please contact Vibeke Dalhoff, BD at +45 45160444 or by email for more information. Link to Bioneer:FARMA services.