Bioneer:FARMA is going to Texas and the annual AAPS conference. Take the chance to meet us on site.

The AAPS 2019 PharmSci 360 conference is one of the leading international conferences within pharmaceutical sciences. The conference brings pharmaceutical researchers together and discusses all aspects of pharmaceutical development divided into 5 tracks; Preclinical Development, Bioanalytics, Clinical Pharmacology, Manufacturing & Bioprocessing, and Formulation & Quality. At the same time one also gets to see and talk about the latest among products and services in the field.

Bioneer:FARMA plans to participate in the premier conference. Bioneer:FARMA focuses on Drug Formulation and Characterization, and can offer a variety of skills and technology such as analysis, pre-formulation, formulation, as well as in vitro and in vivo evaluation, of both biological and small moleculare drugs. Bioneer:FARMA will be represented by Head of Department Anette Müllertz (mail) and Senior Scientist Matthias Manne Knopp (mail).

Take the opportunity to meet and discuss your project with Bioneer:FARMA.

Read more about Bioneer:FARMA and what we offer here.

Link to AAPS 2019 homepage.

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