Meet Bioneer at one of the biggest scientific cancer meetings in the world.

The annual AACR meeting brings together scientists from academia, industry and hospitals. This year’s theme  “Driving Innovative Cancer Science to Patient Care” encompasses the latest within cancer research such as prevention and earlier detection methods, precision medicine, and more effective treatments. The meeting  covers all research areas from basic to translational and clinical research.

Business & Research Manager Boye Schnack Nielsen, heading the molecular histology team, will be there!

Bioneer has over the years been involved in many cancer projects by contributing with a variety of different knowhow and technologies. Bioneer offers expertise in different business areas, such as drug formulation, immunology and molecular detection & histology, which all can be applied to the oncology or immuno-oncology field.

At the AACR Annual Meeting, Bioneer will be represented by Boye Schnack Nielsen, who is responsible for the Molecular Histology activities at Bioneer. Boye has been involved in many cancer-related projects and will present a Poster discussing miR-21 expression in budding colon cancer cells and the use of confocal scanning microscopy.

We encourage you to come by Poster #475 on Sunday April 15, 1.00-5.00 pm in Exhibit Hall A (Poster section 21, board number 5).

Feel free to contact Boye Schnack Nielsen, mail

To learn more about the AACR Annual Meeting, follow the link.

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