Bioneer:FARMA to present at European pharmaceutical conference in Italy.

Together with pharmaceutical scientists from across the world, Bioneer:FARMA will join the international conference about „Bringing science into
pharmaceutical practice“. The aim of the conference is to bridge the gap between basic academic research and industrial applications. Therefore, the conference hopes to bring scientists from university and industry together and to promote new collaborations.

Topics at this year’s conference will be ‘Manufacturing equipment and technologies‘, ‘Nanomedicines‘, ‘Arising new manufacturing technologies‘, and ‘Advances in oral drug delivery‘.

Bioneer:FARMA will be represented by Head of Department Anette Müllertz (email) and Senior Pharmaceutical Scientist Matthias Manne Knopp (email).

You will be able to meet Bioneer:FARMA at the following occasions

  • Monday, 25.03.2019, 15:00 – 15:20 – Session: Bioavailability and IVIVC
    Oral short lecture: ‘In vitro and in vivo assessment of different enabling approaches for oral delivery of fenofibrate’
    Anette Müllertz
  • Monday, 25.03.2019 – Session: In vivo – in vitro correlation
    Poster Presentation: ‘Investigating ibuprofen release from three immediate release Nurofen® formulations using the Dynamic Gastric Model (DGM)’
    Matthias Manne Knopp

To get an overview of what Bioneer:FARMA can do, please visit the following page at Bioneer’s homepage. 

To learn more about the conference, please follow the link.

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