Macrophages and Dendritic Cells, two of Bioneer’s favourite immune cell types, will be the primary focus at the EMDS conference in Marseille in September.

The scientific meeting gathers academic and corporate scientists from across Europe to discuss different aspects of mononuclear phagocytes in both health and disease.

The conference program includes presentations on mononuclear phagocyte subsets, host-pathogen interactions, homeostasis, neuro-immunology, wound healing and tumor immunity.

Immunology has been one of the core focus areas for Bioneer for a long time, and the Dendritic cell / T-cell model has been used extensively in a variety of settings. During the ongoing internal R&D program, Bioneer is working on establishing an in vitro macrophage model. We look forward to presenting our progression and results so far during the poster session.

Check out the poster – ‘In vitro models for screening of immune modulating properties of drug candidates under immunosuppressed conditions seen in cancer ‘.

If you want to meet us at the conference, feel free to contact R&D Manager Monika Gad (email) or BD Manager Lovisa M. Sunesson (email).

To learn more about Bioneer’s Macrophage-Specific in vitro Models, press here.

To learn more about the EMDS conference, press here.

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