POSTPONED TO 7-11 February 2021. Bioneer:FARMA is coming to the 12th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology. Meet us at booth 75 in Vienna.

The biennial conference attracts over thousand scientists from all over the world, discussing a variety of topics within drug product development from manufacturing processes, excipients, new formulations, and physico-chemical principles to novel characterization techniques.

Come meet Bioneer:FARMA at stand no. 75

We will showcase Bioneer:FARMA’s expertise and capabilities in Drug Formulation & Characterization. Special focus will be on unique predictive in vitro models like the Dynamic Gastric Model (DGM) – see picture. The DGM replicates the hydrodynamic and biochemical conditions of the gut.

Take the opportunity to meet Head of Bioneer:FARMA department Anette Müllertz, Professor (mail), Research Scientist Tania Kjellerup (mail), and Business Development Manager Vibeke Dalhoff (mail) at the exhibition booth.

Poster presentations

Another opportunity to meet Bioneer:FARMA is at the following poster presentations:

  • “Investigating the release of ibuprofen from three Nurofen® formulations using the Dynamic Gastric Model (DGM)”
  • “Investigating the pH-dependent dissolution behavior of ketoconazole using a microscale pH-shift in vitro model”


To get an overview of Bioneer:FARMA’s knowhow and services, follow the link.
To learn more about the PBP conference, press here

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